Kagoshima is located southern part of main land of Japan and have wonderful nature. We have Yakushima which is a world heritage, a space station and Kirishima. We are rich in natural resources for nature, culture, tourism, industry and more things. Distance of south and north is 600km, coastline is 2722km. We have area to have snow such as O-kuchi, and we also have subtropical zone such as Amami islands.

There are 605 islands, consists of Tanegashima in Satsuma islands, Yakushima in Osumi islands, Tokara islands, Amami islands. We also have an active volcano, and lots of natural hot springs. There are about 2730 hot spring sources which mean there are much sources after Oita, No.2 in Japan. Most of hot springs in Kagoshima is natural ones.

And we have special product such as Sho-cyu, Black pig, and a deep-fried ball of fish paste containing vegetable bits call Satsumaage.

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This picture is taken from Kagoshima-city to take Sakurajima with smoke in sunset.